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weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

weight loss health and nutrition supplements newsletter

Do you want to lose weight or quit smoking. Test your knowledge \Trivia -Health and more. How you can improve important relationships. A case could be made that everyone suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. Plus antioxidants function best as a network.

Random thoughts on what we pay attention to.

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"You've been drinking too much carrot juice again, haven't you brain? There is a better way to get the healthy nutrition we need. You ought to try Daily BioBasics like myself."


Synopsis -
Antioxidants function most effectively as a network..

2. ARTICLE - "Trivia- Questions and Answers with Mr Brain."
Synopsis - Test your knowledge - health and other trivia questions with Mr. Brain.

3. ARTICLE - "Doesn't Everyone Really Suffer From Attention Deficit Disorder?"
Synopsis - there is one skill area which can dramatically improve everything from our performance on our job to our relationship with our spouse and kids. This area can even greatly improve your income.

4. FEATURED ARTICLE - Would You Like To Lose Weight, Quit Smoking Or Break Some Other Undesirable Habit?
Synopsis - ...One of the methods now being used successfully to help people lose weight or break habits.

5. ARTICLE - What Are We Focusing Our Attention On Each Day?
Synopsis - Are we missing out on our true potential by focusing our attention on the wrong things?

Synopsis - Articles on an effective natural alternative to Viagra®, ear infections, and Vitamin B for heart patients.

These are the topics you will be reading in this edition of the newsletter!!!!


"Did You Know?"

Antioxidants function most effectively as a network..

An antioxidant, in the process of quenching a free radical by donating its electron(s), becomes oxidized itself, and must be regenerated into its “reduced” (the opposite of oxidized) form in order to become a functional antioxidant molecule again.

Maintaining a broad spectrum of various types of antioxidant nutrients, rather than larger amounts of just one single antioxidant, is essential to promoting your good health.

When a single antioxidant nutrient is present in larger amounts, there is a chance it will function as an oxidant, in the absence of partners to recycle it back to its antioxidant state. In this situation, the process of stabilizing a free radical is incomplete and the antioxidant becomes a free radical itself, by perpetuating, rather than terminating, the chain reaction.

ARTICLE - "Trivia- Questions and Answers with Mr Brain."

Trivia Questions and Answers with Mr Brain

1. True or False - Great White's are responsible for more death's each year than other sharks?

2. Life Plus products are different than typical other nutritional products because:

a. They contain active enzymes
b. The contain over 30 different phytonutrients.
c. The are cold processed
d. All of the above

3. True or False - Stepping on a rusty nail will give you tetanus.

4. Fiber is beneficial because it helps:

a. Maintain already healthy cholesterol levels and helps promote cardiovascular health.
b. Helps to maintain and promote already healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.
c. With regular bowel movements.
d. Maintenance of already healthy blood pressure, as well as healthy bladder and colon function.
e. Performs a cleansing function as it binds harsh environmental compounds.
f. All of the above.

5. True or False - In the French tale written by Charles Perrault in 1697, Cinderella's slippers were made of glass.

6. True or False - Enzymes for digesting fats are called lipases.

7. True or False - A Penny is made mostly of copper.

8. True or False - Calcium in addition to being good for the teeth and bones can also reduce some of the occasional symptoms associated with PMS and menstrual cramps.

9. True or False - Dogs sweat through their panting tongues.

10. True or False - The hottest pepper is the Habareno Pepper, which is 100 times hotter than a Jalapeno and 10 times hotter than a Tabasco pepper.

11. True or False - An Orange contains twice as much vitamin C by weight than a Bell Pepper.

The Brain - Mr Q and A!

ARTICLE - "Doesn't Everyone Really Suffer From Attention Deficit Disorder?"

Virtually everyone wants to improve all their relationships. Their sexual relationships, those with their kids, with friends, coworkers, bosses, etc. But most of us really don't think about it, and fewer still really know where to begin in this regard.

But there is one skill area which can dramatically improve everything from our performance on our job to our relationship with our spouse and kids. This area can even greatly improve your income.

You may have guessed by now that this area is attention. That which we give to others and that which we receive ourselves.

Think about it - everyone loves attention. Maybe not the type of attention where you are under the glaring lights with everyone staring at you, but how do we feel when we are being ignored? I am sure most of us has had the experience of being ignored and at the very least it doesn't make us feel good.

Have you ever been talking to someone when some other person walks into the room or interrupts your conversation and the person you were talking to starts totally talking to this other person while ignoring you?

On the other hand have you had the same thing happen, except the person you were talking to you says, will you please excuse me Jean, I need to talk to Joe for a minute, however I really do want to continue our conversation a little later as it has been very interesting.

Which of these two scenarios leaves you feeling the best? It is pretty obviously the second one, but doesn't it also leave you with a higher opinion of this person than the person in the first scenario?

By mastering the skill of really paying attention to others each of us can greatly improve the quality of our lives perhaps more than any other social skill. And it is not hard but does require doing the exercises. For this skill is like any other muscle which we must exercise to greatly improve. Actually these exercises can be quite revealing and even fun. Make them like a game.

What is fascinating is that we all want to feel important and generally the more attention others pay to us the more important we feel. However, to gain more attention from others we must learn to give more attention.

Now one word of caution - we are not talking about the kind of attention one can draw to themselves by making a fool of themselves in a crowd. That is simply attracting attention and is something totally different. Attracting attention is through things we do not the kind of person we are. This is not about learning to wear lamp shades in public.

Do the following simple exercise once a day for a week.

Simply notice what you are paying attention to for a minute or two each day for a week. What are you looking at? What sounds do you hear? Do you smell, feel or taste anything? To what are you devoting your attention?

As the week goes by are you noticing more or less? Do you notice more details? Do you notice rather or not you feel this exercise is irratating or stupid? There are no wrong answers to what you write. Write down 3-4 sentences each day and save what you have written for use later.

Do the following simple and fun exercise.

Next time you are around a friend or someone you know focus as much attention as possible on that person an then take away that attention. Notice and record their responses in your notebook.

Also notice your responses - how do you feel when you have removed your attention from them. Do you feel upset, angry, nervous, happy, unhappy or any other emotions. Notice and record their responses in your notebook.

Next do the following simple and fun exercise.

With this exercise do exactly the same as in the previous exercise except have the other person focus their attention on you and then they remove their attention. Then trade roles and you focus attention on them.

As before notice your responses - how do you feel when you have removed your attention from them. Do you feel upset, angry, nervous, happy, unhappy or any other emotions. Notice and record their responses in your notebook.

The following simple and fun exercise can be done by spouces and dating couples.

When you go out to dinner or on a date pretend it is like a first date. Really pay attention to your date as if it was your first date. Really have fun with this. Later on discuss with each other the evening and what you may have noticed different by paying "first date" attention to each other.

FEATURE ARTICLE - Would You Like To Lose Weight, Quit Smoking Or Other Undesirable Habit?

Sometimes we come across information which we think would be very valuable to our valued Life Plus members. The information presented here is not tied to any products, however, we thought you or someone you know could benefit from it. If you have any questions or need help with any products we would be happy to help you there also. Just send us an e-mail.

Issue 1. - Would you like to lose weight, quit smoking or some other undesirable habit?

There are many people who have wanted to lose weight or quit smoking or give up some other habit. However, due to a variety of reasons we may have had little success. Well researchers have shown that an extremely effective method to gain your desired result is by making a written commitment. Well what does this consist of exactly? Essentially by writing or sending an e-mail to the people you know and respect like family members, friends co-workers, etc. In this written commitment (e-mail, letter, etc) the researchers indicated the importance of being very specific. For example listing how much weight you want to lose, in what time frame, etc. Of course the importance here of course with something like weight loss is to be realistic.

You want to lose fat not water or muscle. It requires a reduction of 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. So for example if your daily diet was 2000 calories you couldn't eat for almost 2 days just to lose a pound of fat. Of course if you are not consuming adequate protein during this time your body will have a tendency to burn muscle instead of fat which makes matters even worse. This is why collagen protein products like AminoLyze, Colorad, etc are so valuable.

For more free weight loss tips see the following webpage. - Click Here!

But back to our research information it shows by committing to something (quit smoking, lose weight, etc) on paper and sending this to those you respect requires more of a commitment on your part. Another reason that written commitments are more effective is that they require more work than verbal ones. And the evidence is clear that when more effort is put into a commitment, the greater is its ability to influence the attitudes and mindset of the person making the commitment.

Are we like the blind leading the blind? Very few people ever have the privilege of seeing the entire picture. They all too often have so much attention on their own desires and dreams that this often stands in the way of them realizing the full potential of those dreams.

Let us examine several examples:

The salesperson who has their attention so focused on making a sale that the transaction of the sale is like a big barrier the salesperson has erected. Their attention on this barrier prevents them from seeing the bigger picture of who the customer really is and what are the customers’ true needs. Only by taking the focus off “just making the sale” and meeting the customers true needs, can the salesperson fulfill their true potential.

The parent who is so focused on getting their child to clean up his room that they become blind to their real goal of teaching the child to be a successful and productive member of society. By not losing site of this larger picture they are much better able to get the child to clean up their room and also better prepare the child for future success in life.

The teacher who becomes so focused on teaching their students dates about history that they lose the perspective of the most valuable lessons of history. Making sure their students understand history’s past mistakes so these mistakes aren’t repeated in future generations.

The politician who is so busy promising people anything to get their votes that they ignore what is really in the best interests of the people they are supposed to represent.

What is our attention on each day? Each day we must ask ourselves if we are paying attention to those around us. For only by doing this can we possibly be truly successful. This is something I know I must constantly remind myself daily to assure I keep focused on the important big picture.

James and Jean Sapp

Other Important Health Link Articles

Natural Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction By Alan R. Gaby, MD

Healthnotes Newswire (September 5, 2002)-The combination of arginine (an amino acid) and yohimbine (a constituent of the herbal remedy yohimbe) is an effective natural alternative to Viagra®, according to a new study in European Urology (2002;41:608-13). While both arginine and yohimbine have been studied separately and shown to improve erectile function with long-term use, this is the first study demonstrating that one-time administration prior to intercourse is effective.

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B Vitamins Protect Heart Patients: The Best Evidence Yet By Alan R. Gaby, MD

Healthnotes Newswire (September 12, 2002)-Supplementing with three B vitamins (folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12) improves clinical outcome in heart patients, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (2002;288:973-9). Although numerous preliminary studies have suggested that taking these vitamins might promote heart health, this new study is the best designed and most definitive one to date. The implication of the study is that widespread use of an inexpensive and nontoxic vitamin combination could have a major impact in the battle against America's number one killer.

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Cod-Liver Oil and Vitamins Reduce Ear Infections By Matt Brignall, ND

Healthnotes Newswire (September 12, 2002)-Supplementation with a multivitamin-mineral supplement together with cod-liver oil can reduce rates of ear infections in children, according to a clinical trial published in the Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology (2002;111:642- 52).

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Answers to Questions and Answers with Mr Brain

1. False - In fact More people are killed in the United States each year by dogs than have been killed by great white sharks in the last 100 years.

2. d - All of the Above

3. False - The bacteria that causes tetanus, or lockjaw, can enter the body through any cut, including a puncture from a nail. It has nothing to do with the rust.

4. f - All of the Above

5. False - Actually they were made of fur. The goof comes from a poor translation, - someone interpreted vair, "fox fur" as verre, "glass."

6. True. - Many enzymes are named for the substrate on which they work are proteases (protein) and lipases (lipids, or "fats").

7. False- Pennies minted after 1982 are 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.

8. True - Calcium and magnesium are two of the most important of all nutrients. Your body needs them for more than just bones and teeth; they are also critical for your muscles, heart, and nervous system.

9. False - Panting may help them cool off but they sweat through their feet.

10. True - The Habareno Pepper is the hottest of all peppers and measures 400,000 heat units on the "Scolville Heat Unit" Scale. This scale is used to measure the "hot" in peppers.

11. False- By weight, green bell peppers have twice as much vitamin C as citrus fruit; red peppers have three times as much. Hot peppers contain even more vitamin C, 357 percent more than an orange.


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