Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Importance of Drinking Water (Bottled Water and Water Filters)

Here is some very reveling information concerning drinking water - you may never underestimate the importance of good pure clean drinking water again.

  1. Your body is made up of mostly water - 75 percent.
  2. Bottom line is you need 6-8 glasses of good pure clean water per day.
  3. Too little water your body is like a stagnant swamp condition. Plenty of water your body is like a fast moving mountain stream. Which seems like the healthier condition to you.
  4. Water is needed to flush toxins in the form of processed, preserved and chemically altered foods and environment agents from your body.
  5. Here are the benefits of 8 glasses of water per day.
    • clearer, firmer skin,
    • regular bowel habits
    • less appetite for sugar and carbohydrates, giving you a head start on losing weight and staying heart healthy.
    • in many cases, blood cholesterol levels drop.
    • less water retention and bloating
What are the early signals the body is running short of water, and how can we recognize them?...

If you are still drinking tap water from your kitchen faucet, consider getting a water filter to trap the pollutants and other poisonous elements coming out of your faucet, including petrochemicals, chlorine, fluoride, benzene, aluminum, heavy metals and parasites such as giardia and cryptosporiduym.

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