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Free Limited Edition Autographed Print

$17.95 Value - Free !

For a limited time only, new and past customers of Life Plus Distributors James and Jean Sapp will receive a free 8.5 x 11 limited edition print hand signed by the artist with a purchase of $45 or more of Life Plus products. Each print will be individually numbered and are reproduced from the original Grace Sapp Artwork as professional high quality, high resolution prints on premium professional paper. Prints are suitable for framing and can be given as gifts or collected and mounted in your home. This is a $17.95 value.

Additional Details

First for this months offering of the artwork "Ocean's Passions..." - Click Here to View!

Who Is Eligible!

All brand new customers or existing customers of Life Plus distributors James and Jean Sapp with an order of $45 or more will be sent separately a free 8.5 x 11 limited edition print, hand signed by the artist. Existing customers of other Life Plus distributors are not eligible.

Note: This is a promotion we are running separate from Life Plus to first let people experience the superior qualities of Life Plus products and second introduce people to this superior young artist Grace Sapp.

How Do I Get My Free Picture?

First you would place your order of at least $45. If you order from one of our secure order forms on line you would simply in the MESSAGE Area at the bottom of the order form type in "Please send me my Free Limited Edition Autographed Print!"

These secure order forms can be found from one of the following 3 webpages giving ordering directions.




If you call your order in to our 800 number per the instructions on one of the above webpages you would provide the operator PIN# 167176 - Jean Sapp as the person referring you.

You would then e-mail us at james@lifeplusvitamins.com providing us your name and the PIN # you were provided by Life Plus and requesting your Free Print. Note: prints are shipped separate from your Life Plus orders and please allow up to a couple weeks for delivery. All questions should be addressed to us at the above e-mail address as the telephone order people are not prepared to answer any questions concerning this free promotion.

Also we (James and Jean Sapp) maintain the exclusive right to determine eligibility - See "Who Is Eligible" above.

Note: If you just wish to purchase the print without ordering any Life Plus products you certainly may - The cost is $12.95 plus $5 shipping and handling (US and Canada only - $10 shipping for all other foreign orders - Payment is in US dollars only). Shipping fees are for up to 3 prints.

$12.95 for 1 Print
$25 for 2 Prints
$35 for 3 Prints

Payment is by Check or Money Order or by PayPal. PayPal would be your quickest option in receiving your print.

You would send payment by PayPal by sending payment to the following e-mail address - sjslifep@mindspring.com

For additional information on payment e-mail us at sjslifep@mindspring.com and put "Art Prints" in the Subject Title.

Additional Grace prints, pictures and artworks are available for viewing on the following webpage:


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