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For a limited time only new customers and past customers of Life Plus Distributor James and Jean Sapp will receive a free 8.5 x 11 limited edition print hand signed by the artist with an order of $45 or more of Life Plus products. Each print will be individually numbered and are reproduced from the original Grace Sapp Artwork as professional high quality, high resolution prints on premium professional paper. Prints are suitable for framing and can be given as gifts or collected and mounted in your home.

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Here are some of the unsolicited comments we have received just recently concerning the artwork of Grace Sapp!

Hi Grace,

I took a few minutes and checked out your images. Very nice fantasy work. I'd be eager to see your next batch of images later this year, if you wouldn't mind sending them to me.

Thanks again!

Steve Soper
for the Museum of Computer Art's Image of the Day page:

The new picture is awesome. I can't wait to see the print. ...once her (Grace's) work becomes famous (which I believe it will)... - Bob Thompson

The picture is just beautiful. As it was opening, the blast of color made me exclaim OoooH! with pleasure.

It's a subject that one can look at for hours .... try to think what the dog was seeing and thinking and what the fish could see. The lovely plants look like cromosomes. Thank you. It is a delightful scene. (Concerning the original artwork "Little Paradises.") - Yolanda Canfield

That view of the Dolphins is admirable. Talk about Reaching for the Moon! It gives one goosepimples.

Your 16-yr old baby has great talent. You are indeed fortunate that she can depict Nature in such moments that speak out to people. It's almost as if one were there to see the previous movements. There is such grace in the forms, also.

The image remains in one's retina long after the picture is closed and there's the desire of wanting to see it all over again.

What a blessing she has. You must both be very proud of such an artist. Get ready, I can see you mounting exhibits in the near future for the delight of multitudes. Thank you so much for sharing such beauty with me. - Yolanda Canfield

You don't know me. I have been working here with Phyllis Evans for many years. She has been forwarding me pictures your daughter has painted for a couple of months now. I just wanted to say that I think they are awesome. I'm not an art critic, heck I don't even pay attention to anything artistic or even like it really. But these are some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. You must be very proud of her. I would appreciate it if you don't mind, if you put me on the list of people you send the pictures to so I don't miss any. I hope she never gets tired or bored of painting them. She truly has a talent that shouldn't go to waste.

Thank you.
Ken Lavigne

Wow, what wonderful pictures. Gracie is so very talented. I think that you definitely need to market them. The marine life is so popular in the Gulf Stares and within divers. Let me know if you decide to market them. I have some friends that might be interested....

Julia Etheridge

Other Artwork Reproduction Details

The picture you are seeing on screen is in reality a very low resolution copy of the printed version you will be receiving. The technology of the computer screen can't duplicate the image to the exact high resolution precision of the actual reproduction print. The difference is in reality quite dramatic. The computer screen is displaying 5184 color dots per square inch, which may seem like a lot until you realize the reproduction image you receive contains 90,000 color dots per square inch, or over 17 times more.

Also Consider The Following

We are talking about an original hand signed reproduction artwork from a 16 year old incredibly talented artist who has even now only tapped a small fraction of her future unreal potential. Very few people have the God given gift to be able to look at something in nature and put it down on a medium such that we see the world in imaginative and original ways. Some art we look at and we think "that is a good artist". And then there is art that virtually compels us to stare at it and draws us into the picture - this is such art. With all the focus on collectables today consider what one of the first hand signed prints of some famous artists of today would fetch. On the other hand consider the pride of ownership of an original hand signed limited edition print from one of the world's future great artists.

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First for this months offering of the artwork "Ocean's Passions..." - Click Here to View!

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