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Minimum health or maximum health? That is the Question!

We analyze nutrition, fitness, exercise, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, diet and dietary supplements and the role they play!

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The question is who would want only minimum health (or worse) when they could have maximum health!

  • Maximum health is like you feel when you ask that special someone for a date for the first time and they say yes!
  • Minimum health is when you ask that special someone out and they tell you, that is the Saturday night when they have to do the laundry and wash their hair!
  • Picture maximum health as cruising next to the ocean in a sport car convertible with your lover next to you..
  • Picture minimum health as stuck in traffic in your 12 year old station wagon with the air conditioner broken.
  • Maximum health is like being on a honeymoon on your own private beach in Hawaii. Running down the beach at night with the one you love with the warm tropic wind in your hair. The huge moon shining down on the palm trees and the tranquil bay.
  • Minimum health is stuck working overtime in an un-airconditioned office with a huge pile of paperwork stacked on your desk. In walks your boss - the one with all the personality of a geek with BO. He can't stand going home to his abusive wife so he works 14 hour days and gives dirty looks to his employees when they leave before him. Your boss starts yelling about some stupid unfinished report...
  • Minimum health is like living paycheck to paycheck - just getting by, just barely having enough money to pay the bills each month. Minimum health is like "Darling we have a little extra this month - would you like to go out to eat at McDonalds and get a Big Mac?"
  • Maximum health is sailing away on a cruise ship to the Caribbean with the one you love while dining in elegance each evening!

Sure the above minimum health situations aren't going to kill you (or at least not immediately), but is this the way you want to live your life? Do you really want to just scrape by when there is an option? Let's examine the statement "...aren't going to kill you or at least not immediately".

Minimum health is simply the current absence of real illness or disease. Often people in minimum health are often too tired or sluggish to do things, they are overweight, etc. They don't feel real bad but they sure don't feel terrific. And what about our statement, some would argue that the above minimum health scenarios lead to premature and even a slow death!

Let's look at some pictures of maximum health:

Actually the attitude of minimum health is like too many other attitudes we have. We are always too willing to sell ourselves short. We are too willing to settle for second best even when we don't have to. Too often this attitude can flow over into our jobs and relationships. This over the course of a lifetime can cause us much unhappiness and cost us a lot of money.

But the real issue here is minimum and maximum health, and what can we do to strive toward maximum health..

To strive toward maximum health requires the following:

1. Proper diet and nutrition - this doesn't mean tofu sandwiches and greens all day long. But does require us to eat responsibly. Certain foods like Big Macs and rich deserts are okay in moderation, but eating them everyday is not healthy.

2. Exercise - We should be doing some form of moderate exercise every week. You don't have to enter the marathon. Simple walking is very helpful, anything but sitting on the couch all week long. The best way to start an exercise program is to think of something that is very pleasurable to you while exercising. By continuing to associate your exercise with pleasurable feelings your brain will learn to associate pleasure with exercise which will make it easier for you to exercise.

3. Water and Breathing - To assure great health and energy and to assure toxins are properly flushed from the body it is important to drink plenty of pure water everyday. Also proper breathing exercises during the day are important. This will give you more energy throughout the day!

4. Life Style Choices - This is not to say you can't have any vises, however, if you eat like a glutten, smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish and use drugs like a drug store you probably aren't going to live to be 100. The key here is to do things in moderation.

Nutrition and Maximum Health

We are now going to discuss a little more here concerning the role nutrition supplementation plays in maximum health. You can get all of the following by eating varied and large assortments of fruits, vegetables and other healthy substances but only a tiny minority actually do. What are these important nutrients the body needs? They are:

  • Vitamins which are micro-nutrients
  • Protein and amino acids
  • Good fats in the form of oils from fish and plants
  • Minerals - Macro, trace and ultra trace minerals.
  • Phyto or micro-nutrients
  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber and cleansing agents
  • Enzymes

So at this point let's analyze why the typical nutritional supplement provides less than maximum health. First of all the typical nutritional supplement only contains:

  • Vitamins, macro minerals and a small amount of antioxidants.
  • They typically only contain the minimum RDA of these vitamins and minerals. For example 60mg of Vitamin C a day is the amount needed to prevent scurvy. One distinguished scientist and doctor (he only won two Nobel Prizes) Dr Linus Pauling believed in taking several thousand mg per day.
  • Often doesn't contain fiber.
  • Next most "minimum health" nutritional supplements are manufactured such that your body only absorbs a small percentage of the nutrients.
  • Lastly the typical nutritional supplement contains no enzymes, no phytonutrients, virtually no antioxidants (or just the bare minimum), and no trace and ultra trace minerals.

Getting enough protein and the good fats isn't that big a problem as most people at least get a reasonable amount of these nutrients in their diet. However, even here most people don't get enough of these nutrients for maximum health. They are just less deficient in these areas.

So to sum this up. In the key area of nutrition the typical person takes a nutritional supplement which provides them the minimum amounts of vitamins, macro minerals, and less than minimum antioxidants. Their supplement contains no trace and ultra trace minerals, no phytonutrients, no enzymes, and no fiber. And the product is manufactured in such a way that only minimal absorption occurs of the nutrients it does provide. Quite simply this is a formula for less than maximum health.

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