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For those who are on the go and want simplicity when taking a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, TVM-Plus is ideal. TVM-Plus represents one of the most complete “multi’s” available.

It provides a broad spectrum of nutrient categories, including essential and other vitamins, major minerals, trace minerals, ultra-trace elements, herbal concentrates, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, and other associated nutrients.

TVM-Plus contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Values of all the essential vitamins and minerals, except calcium, iron, phosphorous and sodium. An “essential” vitamin is one that the body does not produce, but which is essential to healthy body function, and must therefore be acquired from the diet.

Major minerals are those which are required often and in amounts greater than 100 mg daily, such as calcium which is greater than 1 gram (1000 mg) per day. “Trace minerals” are those for which the Federal Government’s Recommended Daily Value is less than 100 mg per day, such as zinc, copper, manganese, and boron.

“Ultra trace elements” are minerals that are needed in very small (microgram) quantities, such as selenium, molybdenum, vanadium, and chromium.

The blend of numerous herbs and associated nutrients included in TVM-Plus make it a unique product that’s different from other multi-vitamin/ mineral supplements sold today. TVM-Plus contains 1250 IU of preformed vitamin A, which is well within the recommended limits for women of childbearing age. In addition, it also contains 250 mcg of folic acid.

While many companies use less expensive, synthetic forms of vitamins D and E in their multiple vitamins, TVM-Plus contains only the natural forms of these important essential nutrients.

Valuable antioxidants (in addition to vitamins A, C, and E) not found in most “multi’s” include lemon bioflavonoids, natural carotene extract, alpha lipoic acid, lutein, lycopene, hesperidin, rutin, bilberry fruit extract, rose hips, and acerola cherries.

Other important herbs include alfalfa, parsley, Siberian ginseng root, and watercress leaf. Concentrated enzymes from papaya and pineapple are included to improve assimilation of flavonoids and other nutrients.

By taking TVM-Plus daily, you can be assured that not only are you receiving all the nutrients classified as “essential”, but also a spectrum of nutrition that goes far beyond that. No supplement can replace healthy eating habits, but many people who need certain nutrients at higher levels during specific stages of their life, such as adolescents and the elderly, are not getting adequate amounts from today’s diets.

TVM-Plus is one of the Life Plus foundational multiple vitamin-mineral-nutrient products, and is a sound investment in helping to ensure promotion of optimal health for you and your loved ones over an entire lifetime.

Additionally, TVM PLUS is formulated in the proprietary PhytoZyme™ base, which contains a unique blend of over thirty natural ingredients including special herbs, phytonutrient cofactors from fruits and vegetables, and plant enzymes.

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