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nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids,
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nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids,

Are Nutritional Food Supplements Beneficial?

"White flour and white sugar are about as healthy as sandpaper."

It's hard to believe but some people resist taking food supplements like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes. "I always eat balanced meals," they say, or "I shop at a health food store," or even, "why bother? I feel fine." This person gallops through life in the fast lane and scoffs at the concept of preventative nutrition. "What---me worry?"

Maybe he should worry a little. When life was simpler and closer to the earth, we could eat nutritious meals that contained the full complement of vitamins and minerals. Today, however, we need to be responsible for our health. We need to learn how to take care of ourselves in a polluted environment. We need to learn the elements of good nutrition, one of which is proper use of food supplements.

Why should we take food supplements? Why can't we depend on the food we eat to supply proper vitamins and minerals? Here are a few reasons The soil our plant's foods grow in is no longer pure. It's been overworked. It's been overdeveloped. It's been polluted by chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and wastes. The fruits and vegetables we buy at the local market (even at many so-called health food stores) have been harvested green and ripened with gas.

This immature produce is stored or shipped, and it takes a week to ship a load of lettuce, for example, from California to New York. Thus, our produce has not fully developed it's natural nutrients and it also loses its freshness, its nutritional value, even its natural color.

Most of the foods we eat are dead and processed. They have been chemically fertilized, refined, processed, enriched, and stored. The nutrients processed out are replaced by chemicals. Animals have been force-fed and shot through and through with artificial hormones and other things to make them fatter.

White flour and white sugar are about as healthy as sandpaper.

The processed foods we buy are usually overcooked. The vitamins are dumped out with the cooking water. They're deep fried. They're coated with sauces and other decorative but not nutritious things.

Unless we live alone in a cave somewhere, we live in a stressful environment, and most of us cannot grow our own food. We've learned to eat too many sugars and starches. We ignore our body's real needs in our attempts to join the junk-food generation or just to grab a bite between activities. We no longer live according to the laws of nature.

Some of us are working to change the world, to clean it up. A major trend in the 1990's is to return to health, and that includes healthy eating. Until we restore our earth to its virgin purity, we need to be as careful as we can about our food. Being careful includes the sensible use of food supplements.

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