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Life Plus® International Introduces SlenderLean®

BATESVILLE, AR (INTERNET WIRE) -- 04/04/2003 -- Life Plus announces SlenderLean, their new revolutionary ephedra free weight management formula.

According to Dwight McKee, MD. a consultant to and scientific director for Life Plus international.

"We realized that the time was right, especially with the current concerns about ephedra based products, for a natural weight management product, which helped people control their desire for food and at the same time promoted a feeling of well being. SlenderLean helps boost energy and metabolism though it is not a stimulant in the traditional sense. I also noted that individuals who have used SlenderLean eat less daily, therefore consuming fewer calories."

Dr. Mckee, says, "Part of the problem is that overweight individuals, for some reason, have trouble controlling their cravings for certain foods. It is the desire for food not simply a reaction to hunger that has contributed to the overweight problem in America. The Surgeon General's initiative reported more than half of all adults and 11 percent of children and adolescents in the United States are estimated to be overweight.

Slenderlean contains 400 mg. Of XanaLean (TM), a proprietary blend containing theobromine, rhodiola rosea extract, cinnamon bark, dutch cocoa, and chromium.

Theobromine, a major constituent of chocolate, has scientifically documented thermogenic properties without the stimulant effects of caffine or ephedrine. Artic rose (rhodiola rosea l.) root extract, which has been proven in numerous studies in Europe, to promote feelings of well being, increased physical and mental performance and enhanced abilities to handle stress. As reported in a scientific review published in the Journal Of American Botanical Council, issue 56 page 40-52, rhodiola rosea extracts affect emotional tones by influencing neurotransmitter levels in parts of the brain related to the regulation of mood and emotions.

We have combined these ingredients in such a unique and extraordinary way that we have sought the protection of the US Patent Office and now have a US patent pending so our product will never be duplicated.

Our observations have shown that the product works especially well when combined with a diet and moderate exercise program. I recommend that prior to beginning any diet and exercise program you should consult your personal health care professional."

*Dwight McKee is board certified in internal medicine, hematology, and oncology, and has an extensive background in clinical nutrition, integrative medicine, and immunology.

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