Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tim Russert, Heart Attacks What Can We Learn

Of course I'm sure by now most everyone's heard the news that Newsman Tim Russert died of a heart attack at 58. That by now is old news just like history. But just like history what can we learn about this so that potentially others might not suffer the same fate at such a young age.

I was reading last night about this and what may potentially cause heart attacks and what if anything could we do to prevent them. What I found was quite interesting. I was reading a report by a top alternative MD and here is what I learned.

According to this doctor the number one cause of a heart attack or sudden cardiac death is a magnesium deficiency.
I also learned that typically cardiac patients and diabetics have the lowest magnesium levels of all. I understand that Tim Russert had both heart disease and diabetes, thus he was most likely deficient in magnesium. In addition he had a stressful job and stress would tend to further deficiencies of nutrients in a person.

I discovered that those most likely to suffer a heart attack are deficient in magnesium. Plus when they do have an attack they are typically harder to resuscitate, and many simply can’t be resuscitated.

What magnesium does is reduce inflammation in the artery walls and veins, plus it tends to slightly thin the blood.

I found this all quite revealing and interesting. So if it were me, I'd be taking a good magnesium and calcium supplement.

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