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How to Lose Weight Fast - Weight Loss Atkins Diet - What to Eat

Let's discuss weight loss and diets and eating here. My wife and myself have been marketing nutrition and weight loss products for over 14 years now. We have literally serviced thousands of satisfied customers during that time. Some of these satisfied customer have taken the time to thank us like the following two:

We received our order promptly and it was undamaged. Thank you for your wonderful service!
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My wife and myself are like observers in a sense, but we have also studied many articles and journals concerning weight loss. This is our frank opinion based on results we have seen with people taking various weight loss products. We do not have millions of dollars at stake so we can afford to be upfront and open with you. It's hard for companies to be totally objective with millions of dollars at stake.

Here is the premise around the Atkins Diet program:

People eat too many carbohydrates and they don't take in enough protein on whatever diet they are on so in effect they are causing their bodies to instead of burning fat to burn lean muscle.

In effect lean muscle burns at rest about 17 times more calories per day than the same amount of fat. The amount of muscle you have greatly determines your metabolism and how many calories your body burns each day. This is why people when they come off their diet and start eating again they can put the weight right back on again as their body is now naturally burning less calories than before. In effect they have slowed down their metabolism. This is especially true it seems of women who have less natural muscle mass than men.

This is really why the Atkins diet is so effective. It cuts out a lot of the carbohydrates, which because people often eat too many of them, causing them to gain weight. And by eating the protein it is making sure that you don't lose any muscle and may even help you gain some additional muscle mass.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Eight Excellent Tips to Increase Metabolism and Maximize Weight Loss!

Everyone wants a faster metabolism, but many people aren't aware of how simple it can be to make your body burn extra fat and calories. Your body's metabolic rate is influenced by all of the seemingly insignificant choices you make throughout the day, creating a double-edged sword. On one hand, it's easy to fall into a routine that causes your metabolism to slow down. On the other, however, with a bit of education, it's simple to make the choices that will boost your metabolism almost effortlessly. Here are some simple tips you can follow to boost your metabolism with ease!

1. Drinking water has been shown to temporarily increase the metabolism and help the body burn extra calories. It is theorized that this is mostly due to the fact that the water absorbs body heat, and the body must then work to replenish the lost heat. Because of this, it is also theorized that drinking cold water can help you boost your metabolism even further. In one study, drinking water was shown to burn extra calories from fat in men, and form carbohydrates in women.

2. For higher overall, resting metabolism, nothing is as beneficial as lean muscle mass. This doesn't mean, however, that you need to rush out and join a gym or start drinking protein shakes. Simple muscle-building workouts that aren't stressful on your body are ideal for improving your metabolism. (Tai-Fit) If you can, work a few rounds of push-ups or sit-ups into your day. It's not really important where you tone – that added muscle is going to burn calories even as you sit.

3. Eat. A huge mistake some people make when trying to lose weight is starving themselves. Fasting is not only unhealthy, but it's also harmful to weight loss efforts, as it causes your metabolism to slow down. When the body doesn't think it's going to be getting enough food in the future, it goes into fat-storage mode, and this is the last thing you want. Healthy meal portions are a good idea, but keep it reasonable. To really boost your metabolism, try eating smaller meals, but have more of them in a day.

4. Avoid sugars whenever possible. Sugars cause the body to pull its metabolism way down and store extra amounts of fat. Because of this, foods that are high in sugar will actually have more calories absorbed by the body than foods with less sugar. It doesn't help that most high-sugar foods are already loaded with calories.

5. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Sleep is far more than a simple time for energy recuperation. Lower levels of sleep can cause the body's metabolism to slow down, and the body actually regenerates lean muscle during the last hours of sleep each night. Get enough sleep, and you'll keep all that muscle you've been working for, helping to keep your resting metabolism high.

6. Fend off unnecessary stress. Stress isn't only unpleasant, it's unhealthy and it slows your metabolism way down. (TAIslim weight loss and cortisol) The belly is the worst area possible to accumulate extra fat, and as you may know, stress triggers fat storage in this unhealthy place, putting you at a higher risk of heart disease. It's unrealistic to think you can always avoid situations that cause stress, but with a little bit of time management, you can find ways to relax and take your mind of things that are getting to you.

7. For a while after consuming spicy foods, your metabolism is increased. While spicy foods may not be a permanent fix for a slow metabolism, they are a great way to burn calories in smaller, shorter bursts. Studies have shown that eating spicy foods can increase your metabolic rate by as much as 8% for a while after consuming them. Spicy foods are also heavier on your stomach, leading to feelings of fullness quicker. - This helps in maintaining portion control.

8. One of the simplest and most effective ways you can boost your overall metabolism is to get up and move. You don't have to join a gym - simply take the stairs. Research has shown that minimal but consistent increases in physical activity can have a very positive effect on metabolism. Parking your car as far away from the door to the supermarket, for example, will not cause you to really break a sweat, but you will be getting more exercise.

Like all things in life, it's the small things that add up to big results. You don't have to morph your entire life to increase your metabolism and burn more fat. - These are all small and easy tips that will help to stimulate your body to shed away those excess pounds faster. And who doesn't want that?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weight Loss Tips - Areas to be Addressed to Lose Weight

In order to lose weight there are 4 areas that must be addressed.

First you must fight the body’s production of stress hormones that cause you to accumulate unhealthy belly fat. Plus reduce calorie intake mostly from various starchy and fatty foods.

Second in most people you need to increase their metabolism – they don’t burn enough calories to offset what they take in.

Third you need to control or suppress appetite and curb food cravings.

Fourth you need to slow the absorption of food to improve metabolism. Plus did you know certain types of unhealthy bacteria or microflora can increase the breakdown of food and create additional calories. You need to counter these harmful bacteria.

Here is a weight loss product that addresses these various areas.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Easy Exercises, Games Weight Loss and More.

The need for regular physical activity has never before been higher than it is now. Alarming rates of heart disease and obesity are growing, and a lot of this is due to the fact that physical activity is at a low point for humans today. We simply do not need to get up and move around as much as we used to. Technology has stepped in and relieved us of the need to constantly exert ourselves, and so the need to actively seek activity is born. Unfortunately, most people only seek activity in the form of hard physical exercise – going to a gym, jogging, or other similar things. These are all wonderful for the body, but they require a lot of dedication, effort, and discipline, and as a result they can be hard to stick with. What we need are forms of exercise that are fun and slightly less challenging to help get us active and lose those pounds. Below are four great ideas.

Table tennis has been around for a very long time, and while it’s more commonly known as an addicting hobby sport, it also happens to be a great source of exercise. Table tennis involves low-key physical effort so that you won’t be panting or sweating your clothes off, but it will require physical exertion and is going to burn a lot of calories. It’s perfect for someone who isn’t at all used to exercise who simply wants to spend less time on the couch and more time improving their fitness. The rules couldn’t be simpler, and as long as you’ve got a table you can do it anytime that’s convenient. It only takes two to play, and you’ll find yourself going at it with a friend for hours – all the while toning your body!

Similar to table tennis, Badminton is another great sport that is a slight step up in physical exertion. It’s still much less intimidating than Tennis, but gets our whole body moving more and uses more of your legs as well as your arms. The result is a great workout that’s a lot of fun. Badminton also gives you a lot of choice as far how much you want to exert yourself. Because of the unique characteristics of the birdie, it hangs on the air and allows you the opportunity to play much more casually if you want a simpler, less physical workout. Either way, you’ll burn a ton of calories.

Swimming is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise on the planet. For starters, as easy on the joints as physical activity comes, and the amount of natural exertion it takes to propel your body through the water requires your heart to work hard and your body to burn a lot of energy. It’s also great for total-body fitness, because it literally works every part of your body. Swimming is also one of the highest rated exercises for quickly burning calories. Since we’re trying to focus on low-key exercise that you can enjoy doing and don’t dread, swimming is also wonderful because it gives you the opportunity to exert yourself however much you want, and then relax for a while. Treading water and light swimming don’t take a tremendous amount of effort, but the reward your body reaps is amazing. Then, once you’ve grown tired of swimming and splashing about, you can pull up a float, kick back, and enjoy the sun and the water. Obviously swimming isn’t very versatile as you have to have a pool, but it’s not too difficult to find one if you don’t own one.

Although physical activity is required less than it ever has been, it has never before been easier to access. With the wave of convenience that has swept America has come a new, interesting concept – convenient exercise. This genre of making effective physical exertion readily accessible is quickly growing, and offers unique opportunities to get yourself in better shape. Simply find an activity like the ones above that you enjoy, and you’ll find that it’s easy to get off of the couch and get that exercise you know you need.

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