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Life Plus LOGI BodySmart Weight Loss Program Results

Review of the  Life Plus Body Smart LOGI Weight Loss Program. The program is very affordable especially compared to other programs often costing 3 times as much. I personally have been around weight loss products for 20 years now and this works as well or better than any of them regardless of the price.

The following video goes into some details of what makes this program so effective at helping people to lose weight. Also at the bottom of this post is a link that provides more details on this weight loss program.

A medical doctor in Germany developed this program using the LOGI method, which is predicated on eating low-glycemic foods. One aspect of what makes the LOGI program work so well is it jump starts your metabolism. One great side benefits of this program  is it greatly increases your energy levels. You will most likely be very amazed at how great you feel.

Here are some of the reviews and results of people using this program:

This first one is about Bob Porter who was in the Big Leagues with the Atlanta Braves.

He gave our BSFE Program a try. In four weeks, Bob lost 26 lbs. and 2″ around his waist. We are ALL happy about his progress. LOGI is now a way of life…
Paul W.

Just thought I would provide an update..in four weeks, I am down 12 pounds and losing lots of inches too.
Kathleen M

It has been 9 days now 10 lbs down.
Charlene L.

I can’t contain my excitement in announcing that my secret BSFP Super Woman dropped 20 LB’s in less than one month!
Lauren B.

Life Plus BSFE weight loss image
Life Plus BSFE weight loss image
Life Plus BSFE weight loss image

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