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Hot Products

LYPRINEX (Lyprinol)™

Lyprinex™ is the Life Plus International brand of Lyprinol, a unique whole lipid extract from the Green Lipped Mussel Perna canaliculus containing a unique group of Eicosatetraenoic Acids (ETA).

Stabilized with the antioxidant Vitamin E, and formulated in an Olive Oil carrier.

Lyprinol is a unique, patented marine lipid complex rich in ETA 's extracted from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels, Perna canaliculus. ETA 's (eicosatetraenoic acids) are special substances within the well-known health supporting polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega 3 group.

Slender Now™ AminoLyze Collagen Protein for Weight Loss

For weight loss and collagen support -compare AminoLyze to the leading Collagen Protein supplements - The highest quality Collagen Protein and 5 grams protein per serving. Save 30% over similar brands. Like similar advertised products simply take one tablespoon at least 3 hours after eating before going to bed.

The extremely high quality liquid protein - amino acids in AMINOLYZE can be rapidly absorbed and used for energy and to help preserve lean body mass (muscle).*

This is extremely important during weight loss and in body building programs as well. The rich protein in AMINOLYZE is also important in thermogenesis, an important component of calorie utilization.* Give AminoLyze a try today.

Daily BioBasics Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Enzymes and More!

Daily Biobasics - Our Premium Nutritional Powerhouse.

Nourish, Cleanse, Protect and a Whole Lot more!

Daily BioBasics is one of the most complete daily nutritional product made today.

Daily Bio-Basics is a nutritional powerhouse that helps:

  • Boost energy levels.*
  • Promotes circulation which enriches brainpower.*
  • Sustains calcium levels.
  • Provides your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis.

To nourish your body, Daily Bio-Basics contains:

  • Phytonutrients from 36 fruits and vegetables.
  • 17 herbal concentrates.
  • 20 separate antioxidants.
  • Super foods like algae micro algaes known as spirulina and chlorella.
  • Sea Vegetables
  • 100% of the Recommended Daily Value of vitamins and minerals classified as essential, intentionally excluding iron, phosphorous, potassium and sodium. (Supplemental iron is excluded because most people don’t need it and it can stimulate free radical production, while phosphorous, potassium and sodium are minerals that are prevalent even in diets of poor quality.)

To promote cleansing,

  • Daily Bio-Basics contains pre- and probiotics (microflora to promote colon health).
  • Supplies more than 50% of the USDA Recommended Daily Values of fiber.
  • From a special blend of six different soluble and insoluble fibers.

Daily BioBasics is literally a one of a kind product.

Sure you could try to find a better Fiber, Vitamin/Mineral, Multi-Antioxidant, Phytonutrient, Super Algae (Super Food), Vegetable Concentrate product on the market -- but who has that kind of time?

You would normally have to take a number of other products, to get all the nutrients contained in Bio-Basics.

Daily BioBasics - Nourish And Cleanse Foundational Nutrition Powerhouse. This is our finest product for total nutritional health and energy.

What will Daily BioBasics do for me?

Daily BioBasics is an amazingly comprehensive multiple-vitamin-mineral product formulated in a convenient, concentrated form that you just scoop into your favorite beverage and drink once a day.

All this nutrition in a convenient, single serving makes Daily BioBasics a popular way to get that valued nutritional insurance.

JOINT FORMULA™ (Glucosamine Chondroitin)

Joint Formula - Glucosamine is well known as a supplement to support flexibility and mobility in your joints.

How is Joint Formula different from other glucosamine products?

Life Plus Joint Formula is the most unique and complete glucosamine formula on the market. It contains two types of glucosamine (glucosamine sulfate and N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine), chondroitin sulfate and crucial minerals to build and maintain healthy, flexible cartilage so important to joint health.

Synergistic amino acids from hydrolyzed Collagen, the predominant protein in cartilage and all connective tissues, are provided to support healthy collagen and cartilage synthesis.

Circulation Formula

Circulation Formula - Stimulate Circulation Safely and Successfully.

Researchers won the Nobel Prize for proving that the main ingredient in Circulation Formula, L-Arginine, produces “NO” in your body.

Circulation Formula is a premium scientific formulation that includes the amino acid called L-arginine, which is one of the twenty-two protein “building blocks”.

“ADNO” Plays Many Roles

Arginine plays a specific role in the body as fuel for the production of NO, sometimes referred to as ADNO for “arginine derived nitric oxide.” Numerous clinical studies have now confirmed that supplementing the diet with L-arginine, as contained in Circulation Formula, leads to healthy levels of NO in the body. Below is a partial list of the many functions supported by ADNO:

  • It relaxes the arteries, including the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart, helping to maintain healthy blood pressure and blood flow.
  • It has potent antioxidant activity and is a free radical scavenger that helps to maintain cholesterol levels that are already within normal range. It protects cholesterol from free radical attack and oxidation.
  • It helps maintain a healthy immune system function of many immune system cells, such as macrophages, lymphocytes, and neutrophils (L-arginine also appears to support healthy immune function independently from its role in producing ADNO).
  • It assists in transporting oxygen by hemoglobin in the red blood cells and removing carbon dioxide waste from the body.◊
  • It is used by the brain to encode long-term memory and enhances healthy blood flow to areas of the brain as they become active and require more energy.
  • It relaxes the muscles surrounding airways of the lungs, thereby helping to maintain healthy lung function.
  • It supports the pancreas in maintaining adequate insulin secretion that are already in the normal range.
  • It helps maintain the release of human growth hormones (HGH) from the pituitary, which enables the body to better retain ample muscle mass and bone density and keep body fat at the proper level.
  • It assists in promoting healthy blood flow to the sexual organs in both men and women, which is necessary for youthful sexual function and enjoyment.

Circulation Formula is formulated with synergistic B-vitamins and high quality herbal extracts, including Ginkgo biloba extract, Horse Chestnut seed extract, Butcher’s Broom extract, and Muira puama extract.

MSM PLUS™ (MethylSulfonylMethane Antioxidant)

MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) Supports Healthy Joints and Bones

MSM is a form of sulfur used by your body to support growth and maintenance of the connective tissue in your body such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bones.

Not only does MSM support your joints and connective tissue, it also supports your immune system and just about every other part of your body.

Life Plus uses only high-grade MSM material that is manufactured according to the patented process of the scientists who initially studied the value of MSM to support overall health.

Since MSM is heat sensitive, it is important that not only the initial raw material is properly handled and processed, but that the manufacturer of the ultimate supplement must also use care in processing to ensure that you are receiving the full nutritional value of the supplement.

Now available in a lotion.

DNA- IMMUNE™ (System)

DNA Immune - Protects DNA - Boosts Immune Function!

How does DNA- Immune protect DNA and support healthy immune function?

DNA Immune is one of the most distinctive products ever. It incorporates the latest scientific technology to support healthy immune function and provide valuable protection to the DNA contained in the trillions of cells throughout your body. Exposure to chemicals, harsh environmental factors, and lower levels of protective phytonutrients in the diet, make it important to support healthy function of DNA in our bodies.

Our proprietary blend of the most potent and broad-spectrum mycoceuticals, plus ellagic acid, resveratrol, beta glucan, IP6, L carnitine, and specialized immune supporting herbal extracts provide specialized support for your body's DNA and immune system.

Unprecedented Formula

DNA Immune is an unprecedented product, combining modern scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom to create a truly unique nutraceutical product. DNA Immune is designed to support two of the most important functions in maintaining wellness: retaining high-level healthy immune function and promotion of healthy DNA.


Brain Formula - Energize Your Mind!

How will Brain Formula improve my mental well-being?

The final decade of the 20th century witnessed an explosion of research in the neurosceiences. We now have evidence suggesting that the special nutrients and unique plant extracts included in Brain Formula help neurons (brain cells) maintain healthy cellular energy production by promoting healthy mitochondrial function, scavenging free radicals, and promoting healthy blood circulation to the brain.

Antioxidants, amino acids, specific neurotransmitter nutrients, and synergistic herbal concentrates included in Brain Formula support healthy brain cell communication through the neurotransmitter pathways, and promote healthy blood circulation, especially throughout the vast network of tiny blood vessels of the brain, enabling you to stay focused, alert, and functioning at peak mental capacity.*

Activity of the neurotransmitters nutritionally supported by Brain Formula is associated with healthy mood, memory, mental acuity, and alertness, without need for stimulants such as caffeine.


Digestive Formula - Two-Phase Delivery System Supports Healthy Digestion.

What makes Digestive Formula different from other digestive aids?

Digestive Formula is a unique two-phase digestive supplement that mimics the two primary phases of healthy digestion. In phase one (the stomach), acidic nutrients are released from each tablet, along with the protein digesting enzymes pepsin, papain, and bromelain, to support the healthy acidic enzyme environment of your stomach.

In the second phase (small intestine), the tablet releases bicarbonate, pancreatic enzymes, and bile salts - just like the gall bladder and pancreas - to help digestion in the upper intestines.

These pancreatic enzymes are multifunctional, because they help the digestion of all foods, including proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates. Use of Digestive Formula can help improve digestion in many people, including those who may experience occasional indigestion or heartburn.

Digestive Formula contains active enzymes plus natural buffering agents with beneficial micro-flora. This is in a stabilized media including Lactobacillus Salivarius, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Bifidobacterium bifidum.

Plus it contains Aloe Vera Powder, Beet Root Powder and Lecithin plus the PhytoNutrient Base of over 30 different Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates.


...only the best Real OPCs that have been extracted by methods pioneered and developed by Dr. Masquelier, then refined and implemented by Berkem Laboratories.

Why do we need antioxidants? Cigarette smoke, air pollution, alcohol, drugs, radiation from televisions and computers, chemicals and a busy life generate free radicals, which cause “oxidative stress”.

Free radicals attack all your vital cellular structures, such as cell membranes and stimulate processes that have been linked to accelerated cellular aging. An antioxidant’s job is to neutralize the free radical cells thus protecting the cells in our body from accelerated aging.

By neutralizing the free radicals, these once free radical cells are able to assist with nutritional distribution, proper circulation and overall better health.

Proanthenols contains real antioxidant protection based upon 50 years of research by Dr. Jack Masquelier and Berkem Laboratories in Southern France.

The main ingredient, Real OPCs, extracted from grape seeds and pine bark, provides superior antioxidant protection that is 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than vitamin C. And, OPC is able to function as an antioxidant network in-and-of themselves!

Real OPCs protect your cells against free radical attack and support the collagen structure of all the organs in your body. Proanthenols is definitely one of our most significant products.

Generic grape seed or pine bark extracts are not comparable to high-quality Real OPCs; these generic extracts are worlds apart from the composition of Real OPCs, and so are their health-supporting benefits. Life Plus OPC uses only the highest quality patented extraction methods.

Plus Life Plus uses the exclusive CytoFlav-C which is a secret blend of nutrients including Lemon Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin, Rutin, Quercetin and Vitamin C. Plus enzymes and a PhytoNutrient Base of over 30 different Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates.

In addition to antioxidant protection, Real OPC also support collagen and help maintain elastin throughout your whole body.

PARACLEANSE™ is a synergistic combination of herbs, herbal extracts, sulfur-containing amino acids and MSM, carefully designed to support healthy cleansing of your system.

Paracleanse goes beyond routine cleansing.

  • It provides Protein-Digesting Enzymes.
  • Contains Marine alginate which is capable of tightly binding harsh environmental waste, thereby assisting the body in natural cleansing.
  • Contains Silymarin is particularly supportive of the normal cleansing and purifying processes of the liver.
  • It promotes healthy cleansing in the intestinal tract as well as for promoting beneficial microflora levels.

COLON FORMULA Colon Cleansing Fiber

Colon Formula - Now with a greatly improved taste and texture. Cleanse Your System with Six Types of Fiber

Routinely cleansing your system promotes overall wellness by helping to maintain a healthy colon. Colon Formula is a unique proprietary blend of different high-quality soluble and insoluble fibers, along with valuable herbal concentrates, and a synergistic blend of beneficial microflora (probiotics).

Together, they help maintain healthy colon ecology and intestinal acid-alkaline balance. Colon Formula helps to keep the transit time of digested food through your colon at a healthy rate and promotes routine elimination.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, combined with this wonderful supplement, provides a convenient way to support natural cleansing and colon health, as well as supporting already healthy cholesterol levels, all of which are key to supporting overall vitality and wellness.

Colon Formula can be added to your Daily BioBasics™ for a more advanced routine cleansing or used periodically for more intensive cleansing.

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